Testimonial from a Leadership Coaching Client

Gentle but firm, Paul guides you through a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that leads to a new way of looking at the world.  Paul’s one-on-one coaching has helped me notice and become more aware of what my goals and intentions are, as well as how to create a space for achieving those goals.  A lot has changed in my life from this experience and I am so very grateful!

Pam Gionfriddo
Chief Executive Officer


Testimonial from a Transitions Coaching Client

Prior to working with Paul, I was running my business haphazardly.  I had a general idea of how I wanted to grow but no real plan to make it happen.  Through his guidance, I have identified not only my business goals but also my personal goals.  In addition, I have mapped out an achievement plan.  Through his encouragement, I am focused and committed to my plan.


Paul has a great wealth of knowledge and personal experience which allows him to relate to almost any situation or obstacle that has come my way.  He has helped me identify what keeps or hinders me from achieving my true potential and has a way of putting a new light on those “inner demons.”  Now when they arise I can easily see them for what they are, overcome them, and move on.


Paul has been a tremendous asset and ally, I highly recommend him as a personal coach.


Pamela Yager

Owner, Simply Put



Testimonial from a Workshop Participant


I am still thinking about and sharing with others what I experienced at your workshop last week. You have a wonderful gift for moving people along without "directing" but with kind solicitude.


Susan Schefflein

Writer and Artist

Testimonial from a Coaching Client

We spent several months working together with my life issues and, as I look back and reflect on my evaluation of myself and you as my life coach, I can measure the considerable progress I made with our sessions.  We were able to pinpoint the true personal issues that were holding me back and that I could not let go of.  You taught me alternate ways to view the world around me and how to deal with serious issues and relationships that kept me stuck for so many years. 

More importantly, since I’ve been going to therapy for more than 8 years, I realized that during our brief time together I made more strides and healing in my life than most therapists I have worked with. Our work together has been invaluable and I hope to reconnect with you once again to bring more balance and harmony in my life. 

Coaching Client



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