I coach people who are seeking to combine higher levels of achievement and fulfillment in their business, their careers, and in their lives.


Coaching is about you as a whole person; your life’s mission or purpose, your values, goals, passions, and fulfillment. I work with highly motivated individuals like you to develop their own definition of success—I have no other agenda, or preconceived ideas. My role as coach is to listen, ask inspiring/clarifying questions, and help you design a plan that is specific to your needs and aspirations. Taking a holistic approach and using the co-active coaching principles of fulfillment, balance, and process, my coaching relationships enable clients to forward the action and deepen the learning on their specific issues.


Leadership coaching is about helping you to become a better leader. A focus on values-driven leadership behavior will help you lead others more effectively. A values discovery process, supported by 360 degree assessments of your values and behaviors, will increase understanding of yourself and provide a foundation for the development of full-spectrum leadership capabilities. 

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and have completed the Coaches Training Institute certification program 

Free Introductory Session


The best way to appreciate the true value and potential benefits of coaching, and my coaching style, is to experience it. A free introductory coaching session will help us to see how we can best set up a powerful coaching alliance. To get the most out of your coaching session with me, spend a few minutes thinking about something you'd liked to be coached around. Perhaps a current challenge, a goal you'd like to achieve or an issue you'd like to resolve. When we schedule the appointment, be prepared to start "on time." We'll spend a few minutes with introductions, then jump into coaching. At the end of our call, I'll give you more information about working with me as a coach - and if it feels like a good match for both of us, we can schedule our next session.

For more information, please send an email to 
Paul G. Ward, CPCC


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