Contagious You!

Most of us think about being contagious in terms of a virus or ill health, especially at this time as the coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world, but emotions and attitudes are also contagious. During my Conscious Leadership in Action conversation with Anese Cavanaugh, author of the book, Contagious You, we talked about how we as leaders are contagious. The question is, are we positively or negatively contagious?

As Anese explained, we pick up on each other’s vibe, or energetic presence. Meetings are a good example. We walk into the meeting, there’s a couple of us that feel really great, we’re really happy to be there, and there’s that one person in the room where their vibe is just really low. Maybe their arms are crossed, their brows are furled. You can feel them, you can feel it. And what generally will happen is the other people will often catch that vibe, and they’ll meet the lowest vibration in the room, and that case that lowest vibration was contagious. Other people caught it, they felt it, they saw it. They might have tried to hold their state for a little while, but ultimately, most often, unless somebody is really good at holding their state, they’ll match the lower vibe.

It’s the same thing out in the world, in one-on-one conversations. If I come into a conversation with you, and I’m feeling really low vibe, that you’re able to hold your state and you bring a really beautiful energetic presence. Not fake, not rah rah, not trying to get me out of my state, but if I can be present that I can actually also catch your vibe and I can step into a higher level of presence. So we’re constantly interacting with each other’s energy and is it is a choice of what we want to put out there and a choice of what we decide to take on, and that’s where the contagiousness comes in.

Anese went on to talk about intentional energetic presence (IEP). Being conscious and intentional about the energetic presence we bring to everything we do. With intention, which is what I want to have happen, we can add energy, which is the energy and stamina to actually create that intention. And then we have presence, which is how we are going to show up in the world. We can ask ourselves, what will my actual presence be? Am I going to be really conscious? Am I going to be positively or negatively contagious?

For those of you with the coronavirus or at risk of being infected with the coronavirus, and those of you have are experiencing loss because of the coronavirus, we send you love, and wish for you peace and good vibrations.

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Podcast first released in February 2020

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