Paul G Ward PhD

I am Dr. Paul Ward, the Consciousness Whisperer. At the crest of a 30 year career as an International Management Consultant, I have become a Conscious Leadership Coach.

I help business leaders shape their future with higher levels of confidence so they can experience greater fulfillment in their personal and professional lives, and achieve positive impact in their local and global communities.

I am awakening consciousness and human potential in myself and my clients.

As one who has also transitioned my own life, I am also a Conscious Living Transitions Coach, helping people in the second half of life to manifest their dreams.

My purpose in life is helping people, taking them higher in spirit, in business, and in life.

My passion is about making the world a better place to live and work, helping people reach higher levels of consciousness, championing Conscious Leadership, and enabling Conversations that Matter.

I am focused on developing leaders through conscious leadership coaching, advising organizations on creating conscious cultures, convening executive peer group roundtables, and writing and speaking about conscious leadership principles and practices.

Professional Roles

I am a leadership coach and a Director at the Global Center for Conscious Leadership. I am also an inaugural member of the Conscious Leadership Guild, and the author of the book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership: Ten Practices for Leading Consciously

I am the principal owner of the coaching, consulting, and training company, 2Young2Retire, offering impactful transitions coaching, facilitator certification training, and convening conversations that matter, and I’m the coauthor of a soon to be published book, Living Consciously in the Second Half of Life.

I am a Certified Conscious Business Change Agent and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, credentialed by the International Coach Federation. I am a Member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

I am an adjunct professor, small business owner, and hot air balloon pilot. I have Masters and Doctoral degrees in Organization and Management and have spent more than thirty years consulting to large and small organizations in Europe and the Americas. I divide my time between Portsmouth, England and West Palm Beach, Florida.

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What are the Characteristics of a Consciousness Whisperer?

  • Consciousness Whisperers listen with all the senses to what people are saying and doing, and who people are being

  • Consciousness Whisperers practice mindfulness, living in the present moment, being fully present, holding the space for others, giving them complete attention.

  • Consciousness Whisperers show up with love and compassion, creating a quiet, safe space where clients can be whoever they need to be, and say whatever they need to say.

  • Consciousness Whisperers have heightened awareness of what is being communicated on multiple levels: mentally, verbally, physically and spiritually.

  • Consciousness Whisperers speak quietly to allow others to hear their own inner voice speaking with confidence and clarity.

  • Consciousness Whisperers are not judgmental; they are understanding, compassionate and kind yet setting clear intentions for higher levels of performance.

  • Consciousness Whisperers are highly sensitive to others and focus on building relationships.

  • Consciousness Whisperers have the ability to help others make significant shifts in consciousness, confidence, and performance.