Living Consciously in Midlife and Beyond

Living a conscious and purposeful life becomes increasingly important for all of us in the second half of life.

Whether you are working full time, transitioning into new roles after a lifelong career, or already in retirement, you are probably thinking you are Too Young to Retire.

I am the co-author of soon to be published book, Midlife New Life: Living Consciously in Midlife and Beyond. To be kept up to date with progress on the new book, visit and sign up for our newsletter.

“I am still thinking about and sharing with others what I experienced at your workshop last week. You have a wonderful gift for moving people along without “directing” but with kind solicitude.”

~ Susan Schefflein, Writer and Artist

Living consciously embraces the Attention – Intention – Action philosophy of leading consciously.

Featured in the book and the Conscious Living Coaching and Training Programs are practices such as:

  • Exploring purposefully
  • Appreciating money
  • Living well
  • Working for a Living
  • Working for fulfilment
  • Savoring the world
  • Minding relationships
  • Helping Humanity
  • Living life creativity
  • Living with technology
  • Bouncing Forward

Conscious Living Coaching can support these aspects of transitions in the second half of life.

“Working with Paul over the past many months has been a great experience. At the outset, he laid out a process we would follow to get from point A to point B and it worked wonderfully. But, I also appreciated his flexibility such that we could discuss whatever was on my mind, regardless of what our planned agenda was for a particular session. Most importantly, though, Paul helped me to determine what was truly important to me and how I could incorporate that into my encore career. The insights I gained about myself through the coaching process were invaluable. Changing jobs is one thing, but reinventing oneself is another. I appreciate Paul’s guidance along a very rewarding, introspective process.”

~ Eric Seigel, Business Leader, Coaching Client

As an inaugural member of the Changemakers Society, created by the Sacred Changemakers University, I am committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a primary focus on the sustainable development and use of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. I am shaping future possibilities for our children and grandchildren.

If you are looking for help to support your transitions during the second half of life, and are interested in our coaching services, sign up for a Conscious Living discovery session.

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“I appreciated your help and insights during our coaching time together. You provoked me to take action, asking for my commitment to tasks and deadlines. In thinking of my transition, your encouragement to divide my time between “old work” and “new work” was also impactful – as it helped me to clear my mind. Also, instead of me expecting answers, you helped me to formulate questions that I could use to create a game plan.”

~ Transitions Coaching Client